Corporate ValuesCorporate Values

Vision Statement

To be a professionally managed State development bank that serves as a key instrument of Sarawak’s social and economic development under its Transformation Agenda which aims at making Sarawak a developed and high-income State by 2030.


Mission Statement

To play a pivotal role in providing financing of public infrastructure and strategic sectors of the State economy in order to facilitate faster economic growth of Sarawak; and to transform the State’s non-renewable resource-based economy to a more broad-based sustainable economy. In so doing, the State will be able to create higher skill and better paying job opportunities, generate higher income and improve the livelihood of all Sarawakians.

Core Values

DBOS emphasizes the values of INTEGRITY, COMPETENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM. Through such core values, DBOS believes its employees, business partners and other stakeholders shall be able to work in unity towards success in all its undertakings with outstanding results.