DBOS’ Code of Business EthicsDBOS’ Code of Business Ethics

DBOS’ Code of Business Ethics (the “Code”) is a publication framework that sets out a summary of expectations by the Bank and compliance to rules that exist from a regulatory and internal control standpoint.

The main objectives of the Code are as follows:

1. To serve as a guideline of standards regarding ethical business conduct, good banking practice and corporate governance;
2. To guide the conduct of all Bank Personnel in promoting healthy culture across the Bank;
3. To uphold the highest integrity in discharging Bank Personnel’s duties and in dealings with stakeholders, clients, fellow employees and regulators; and
4. To emphasize the principles of discipline, good conduct, professionalism, loyalty, integrity and cohesiveness that are critical to the success and well-being in the financial services industry that the Bank operates in.


The Code is intended to apply to every employee and director of the Bank, and where applicable, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, agents, representatives and other performing works/services for and on behalf of the Bank.

For a complete copy of the Code, please view it here.