Business FocusBusiness Focus

Target Market


Development projects which the State is or will be involved in, including the following sectors:

    1. Public Infrastructure

        •Transport                               •Water Supply

        •Power Supply                        •Waste Disposal

        •Educational Facilities           •Healthcare Facilities

    2. Oil & Gas sector

    3. Tourism & Convention Infrastructures

    4. Digital Economy

    5. Real Estates (Related to transportation hubs)

    6. Agriculture 



Target Customers

  • State Government Agencies, Local Authorities and Statutory Bodies
  • State Government Linked Companies (GLC)
  • State Government Controlled Entities (above 50% for equity and/or management control)
  • Entities / Agencies which are endorsed by the State Government and/or DBOS’ shareholder

Business Pillars


•Transport                              •Water Supply

     •Power Supply                       •Waste Disposal

     •Educational Facilities           •Healthcare Facilities

     •Affordable Housing