Logo RationaleLogo Rationale

Keeping Sarawak in mind, the concept of this logo is mainly inspired by the unique culture of Sarawak. The logo is patterned after the traditional handicraft of Sarawak - the 'tikar' (hand-woven mat) with one layer overlapping another.

This intends to show the diversity of the Sarawak people who will benefit from this financial institution in the development of Sarawak.

The letter 'S' in the centre, which stands for Sarawak, is highlighted with different shades of yellow and red, and the bold black wording of the name of the bank, signifies the colour of Sarawak's flag.

The letter 'S' also symbolizes the mighty Kenyalang soaring over Sarawak to greater heights. As for the overall shape of the logo, it is square with many sharp edges to express the main purpose of the bank’s establishment.

The acronym 'DBOS' is in a bold and aggressive font to represent an image of a bank which is efficient, competent and professional.